Brent Stephens
Assistant Professor
Civil, Architectural & 
Environmental Engineering

Dr. Stephens and members of his Built Environment Research Group at Illinois Institute of Technology conduct energy and air quality research within the built environment, primarily with field measurements in and around buildings. Their work continues to advance building science methods for assessing energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and environmental exposures within buildings.


Torkan Fazli
Ph.D. Candidate
Civil Engineering

Torkan is a PhD student in Civil Engineering at IIT and a member of the Built Environment Research Group. She received her M.Sc. in Building Science from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, and her B.S. in Civil Engineering from Urmia University, Iran. Previously, she was a researcher at Kerkenes Eco-Center in Turkey. She joined the OSBSS Group in January 2014 to work on testing and calibration of the sensors.


Akram Syed Ali
Ph.D. Candidate
Architectural Engineering

Akram Syed Ali is a PhD student in Architectural Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia and M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. He has many years of experience in the field of Graphic Design and Architecture and great passion for science and technology. Akram’s various talents, knowledge and a keen sense of learning make him an invaluable part of the OSBSS team.


Deion DeBose
Bachelors Candidate
Civil Engineering

Deion is an undergraduate Civil Engineering student at Illinois Institute of Technology. Through the PURE program launched by IIT in 2013, Deion joined the Built Environment Research Group founded by Dr. Brent Stephens. Deion has been using Arduino since joining PURE and is a founding member of OSBSS.


Boyang “Bobo” Dong
Bachelors Candidate
Computer Engineering

As a third year student, Boyang is the teaching assistant on data structure and objected oriented programming. In addition to maintain good grades in his studies, he takes an active part in extracurricular projects. His “Bug Detector” project won the 2nd place within the Security Theme under the PURE Program at IIT. He joined the OSBSS team in November 2013 to focus and solve circuit and code bugs.


Zachary Zanzinger
Bachelors Candidate
Architectural Engineering

Zachary Zanzinger is an Architectural Engineering undergraduate. Though new to OSBSS and to the world of physical computing, he would “rather spend his time hardware programming than doing anything else. Give me a cold Red Bull and an AVR application to build and I’m in heaven.” Outside of OSBSS, Zack is best known for inventing the large dual-handled coffee mug. “Sometimes, a one hand grip just won’t do it. I drink A LOT of coffee, boss.”


Joseph Chee Poh Huan
Bachelors Candidate
Electrical Engineering

Joseph is an undergraduate student, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. Being teaching assistant in an object-orientated programming class, he has solid coding experience. He is a member of the OSBSS team since August 2014.