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Data from OSBSS CO2 sensor

Months ago the initial prototype OSBSS CO2 sensor was designed and made in BERG lab, so as the next step we tried to verify the sensor’s performance. Therefore, as you can see in the following picture we performed a co-location test with OSBSS CO2 sensor and two off-the-shelf CO2 sensors. SBA-5 CO2 Gas Analyzer and Telaire 7001 CO2 Sensor were used for this reason. In order to record data, the off-the-shelf sensors combined with the Onset HOBO Data loggers. As the first attempt we launched all sensors with one minute intervals and placed them close to each other in the BERG lab for approximately 21 hours.


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Data from OSBSS proximity sensor

Now that our new proximity data logger tutorial is published, I would like to show some data of its performance. Below are photos from a co-location test with the initial prototype OSBSS proximity sensor and an off-the-shelf Onset HOBO occupancy/light logger in our lab. In our first test we simply launched both sensors with default settings and placed them side-by-side on the desk of a graduate student to record occupancy over a period of about 15 hours (we’re watching you, Parham!).

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